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Arrival Packs

We know moving away from home can be stressful especially for our oversea’s students that is why we offer arrival packs to make things easier for you. They contain everything you need to make your apartment a home. Arrival packs can be purchased directly from Uni City Lodge.

Welcome Pack 1 (?)
Arrival Pack 1
Welcome Pack 2 (?)
Arrival Pack 2
Welcome Pack 3 (?)
Arrival Pack 2
Welcome Pack 4 (?)
Arrival Pack 3
Welcome Pack 5 (?)
Arrival Pack 5

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Checking in and out


Once your deposit and licence / licence instalment is paid we will contact you to make an appointment to check in. Please arrive promptly at your appointment time as we are very busy at this time and may not be able to check you in if you arrive late for an appointment. Also, please ensure that you bring with you all relevant documents. Before you check into your room it will have been photographed and an inventory documented which you will have to check and sign.


When you wish to end your licence agreement you must inform us of the exact date you will be leaving so that we can arrange an inspection of your room. When checking out you will be given an appointment to hand your keys in. Once everything is complete we can then start the process of your deposit refund. International refunds will take longer as they need to be processed through a bank. If you cannot make an appointment you can leave your keys at the office and your room will be inspected at the next available time. This may delay the return of your deposit.


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International Students

Click here for information

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We have a coin operated laundry room situated on the first floor in New Oxford House and the 2nd floor in Union House.

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Bills Included

All water, gas and electricity* are included.

* Electricity is provided as an energy pack on a fair use policy.

A pre paid meter is fitted in your room. We will top this up every 4 weeks. We provide adequate electricity to keep your room warm. If however you would like extra heat/ electricity in your room you can purchase more from reception.

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For your safety and peace of mind entry to our buildings is activated with an electronic access system. An electronic key fob is allocated to use with each room, however these are expensive to replace so keep them safe, as a small charge will be applicable for those that get lost.

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Fire Safety

We also take fire safety very seriously. Every room has a heat detector which is linked up to the main fire alarm. If for any reason our alarm goes off, the fire brigade will be alerted. Each room also has a smoke detector.

It is a serious breach of your contract to tamper with any fire equipment. All equipment is checked regularly and anyone found to have tampered with it will be fined and possibly evicted.

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A damage deposit is taken from every student, the amount depends on the room type booked. After you have checked out, a final room inspection will be completed. Providing your room is left in a clean and tidy condition your damage deposit will be refunded in full.

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Fees and Charges

We try not to be overly strict at Uni City Lodge but there are a few rules that have to be followed for the wellbeing and safety of all students living with us. Therefore, we will fine students that breach their licence agreement, put others at risk or invalidate Uni City Lodge’s insurance.

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Late payments

If your licence fee is late then a penalty fee may be applicable to cover the admin costs in chasing up payment. Please refer to your licence agreement for details of late payment fees and charges.

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A room inspection will be carried out every 4 weeks to ensure that the room is being looked after and that there is no damage.

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We appreciate that on the odd occasion you may want a guest to stay over with you in your room and this is not a problem, however there are a few ground rules that have to be adhered to. Please ensure that guests stay with you at all times and they are aware of the fire and safety guidelines for the building. Guests must be respectful to the accommodation and considerate to all staff and students at Uni City Lodge.

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We have an on site maintenance team and can usually carry out minor maintenance within 24hours. We also have an electrician and plumber on hand to deal with anything more urgent. All we ask for is that you report any maintenance as soon as possible to a member of staff.

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Contents insurance

It is the students responsibility to ensure they have the correct contents insurance for all their belongings whilst staying at Uni City Lodge.

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The role of the guarantor

The role of the guarantor is to make sure that the student pays their licence fee on time. If any instalment is missed then the guarantor will be informed and will be expected to take responsibility of paying the licence fee.

If any damage is caused or cleaning bills are incurred during their stay, the resident will be charged immediately. It is the responsibility of the guarantor to make sure that these charges are paid by the resident. If the payment is not received, it falls on the guarantor to pay.

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The team

We aim to provide the best student accommodation experience. Our team have been trained to a high standard in customer service and are there to help with any queries. They will be able to assist you with local knowledge of the area. To learn more about the team click here.

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What to bring

  • Quilt 13.5 tog or above
  • Pillows Bedding e.g duvet cover, sheets, pillow cases
  • Table lamps and bulbs
  • Bathmat
  • Towels
  • Kitchen utensils and crockery e.g plates, cups, glasses and cutlery.
  • Tea towels
  • Cleaning products e.g polish, bathroom/ toilet cleaner, kitchen cleaner, sponges and cloths.

Some of the items above can be purchased as a pack from us so, please enquire when booking for details.

Why use Uni City Lodge?

  • Free internet included 10mb
  • City centre location
  • 10 minutes walk from Coventry University
  • Bills included (?)
  • Secure door entry
  • Rooms with private kitchenette and shower rooms
  • Various room sizes
  • Night Staff & 24-7 CCTV
  • Coin operated laundry