Thinking about coming to study at a university in the UK?

Wherever you are in the world, coming to the UK to study at university is an excellent choice. Here are some reasons why...

It’s a bold, exciting move…

It takes courage, self-belief and resilience to move away from your parent’s home, and there’s never a better time to continue your education and develop yourself by going to university in the UK. The challenges to learn a different culture, develop your language skills and expand your horizons is worth the effort as future employers will be highly impressed at your bravery and determination.


It’s not as expensive as you might think…

Going to University is a big investment in yourself – whether you or your parents (or a student loan, which is ultimately you!) are paying for it. The semesters at UK universities are often shorter than in other countries. This saves on tuition fees and gives you more time to work (subject to work permits) – earning and gaining skills in the workplace to further develop your CV for future employers. Or you could use that time to return home, saving on accommodation costs and be able to work closer to home.


The choice is HUGE!

With more than 50,000 different undergraduate courses to choose from, you’ll find the right course(s) for your future career. There’s also more than 395 universities and colleges, so your options are vast.


It’s a great place to live

With a multicultural society, you will get the chance to meet and know people from many different backgrounds, cultures and religions – as well as finding others who share your values and faith. The climate is mild and temperate (most of the time!) and with a great transport network, you are never far away from big cities and the great outdoors, beaches and culture, festivals and art, nightlife and wildlife.


It makes you more appealing – as an employee and a person

Let alone the world-class education you will receive, it’s not to be underestimated how much employers value graduates who have experienced other cultures and being taken out of their comfort zone – and studying in another country covers both of those things. It proves you can work in different environments, with different people, and maybe in a different language – all skills that are highly valuable in the workplace.

The benefits to you are also huge – all of those things apply to your personal growth too, makes you stand out from the crowd and be able to deal with a wide variety of situations. In overcoming the challenges, you become confident, adaptable and capable, and that will be evident in everything you do after your studies have finished.