Moving to Student Accommodation? Here’s what you don’t need to pack

This is probably your first home away from your parents/guardians, and as such you’ll be keen to make your space your own, style it your way and express yourself – brilliant! Here’s some tips on what not to bring with you. 

Large furniture items

Student accommodation is designed to have all the essentials covered with regard to furniture and storage – you won’t need to bring a bed, chest of drawers, chairs or anything big and heavy. 

Probably the biggest items to bring is a quilt or duvet and pillows – but you may want to weigh up the costs of shipping, if you’re coming from outside of the UK. It may be cheaper to purchase one from us or pick one up at a local supermarket or homeware store (like Ikea) nearby than pay excess baggage. 


Unfortunately, we can’t accommodate your pet. As lovely as they are, it’s just not the right environment for them in student accommodation. 


Gaming equipment can be fragile, expensive and you probably won’t get time to play on it too much whilst you’re studying. There’s also other considerations like power conversion (the UK is 240v which may differ from your home country power supply). It’s probably not worth the hassle of bringing it with you!

Excess kitchen equipment

You will need some items, but don’t over buy. One decent rubber spatula can do the work of four or five kitchen utensils! You can buy a starter pack from us, or pick up items from local supermarkets. Charity shops are also a good source for kitchenware – it’s a great way to pick up perfectly good items cheaply (and is good for the environment!).

Knives and blades

Carrying a knife in public without a good reason is illegal in the UK. There isn’t really any need to pack and bring to your student accommodation any knifes or blades – even if they have sentimental, cultural or recreational use. Kitchen knives can be bought locally – and you won’t have to have a conversation with a Customs official at the airport if you don’t have one in your suitcase!

Toiletries and prescription medicines

Don’t feel like you need to bring a 12 month supply of deodorant with you! Bring enough to get you through the first few weeks, as Uni City Lodge is located right in the heart of Coventry, there are plenty of places to shop for toiletries and the like. 

TIP: If you have prescribed medicines (or very specialist toiletries) make sure you have enough for the first month of moving. Get a medical certificate/doctors letter to explain what medicines you