Five ways to make the most of your Summer Break

You’ve done it – well, for this year at least! The endless weeks of a Summer Break are stretching ahead into your future… but if you let them drift by aimlessly, you’ll feel bad and you will have missed the opportunity to do, create, discover – or a combination of all of those!

You’ve worked so hard, pulled many late nights, and your body and brain probably need a spell to recover and regenerate. So get some r & r (rest and relaxation) but don’t spend the entire break in rest mode!

Here’s some ideas for you to turn those weeks of waiting for the next academic year to start into something worthwhile.



Do you want to live in England, the UK – or even Coventry – when you’ve finished your studies? How about using this summer break to really get to know the space you might want to live and work in the future. You can keep it the costs down by staying in hostels or even with friends you’ve made during your studies. The same goes for most parts of Europe – rail travel is pretty low budget, which leads us to…



A great way to combine a few opportunities – rest, explore, learn, plan for the future. Again, keeping the costs down by utilising student travel fares, you could travel to soak up the sun and learn a new culture (or practise some language skills?).



Now, how about doing something good, learning some new skills, exploring different cultures, travel and meet people, the result of which looks highly impressive on future job applications? You could keep it local, and work with a local charity, or go all out and work on projects overseas. Some students use it to further their career (see these examples), develop their hobbies or to try something completely different. For more info on volunteering, read this.



It’s a good spell of time to get your teeth into something – whether it’s experience in the field using your studies (maybe working for a company or organisation you want to work with when you achieve your award) or something completely different, there’s a lot of varied opportunities out there. And for any future employer, it looks amazing that you already have some work experience, and of course a bit of extra cash in the bank is always useful. See this list of summer jobs for ideas and some tips for working whilst studying.


Study (!)

Argh! More study? Yes! Is there a topic that you didn’t fully cover during last semester, or you were intrigued by? Can you prepare your mind for next semester by getting ahead of your reading list or exploring a topic? Continuing to study helps consolidate the knowledge you’ve already absorbed and keeps your mind agile, ready for more intensive study ahead. Because next semester will be harder…


Whatever you do, take care of yourself, be safe and return at the end of the summer refreshed, renewed and ready to go!